SVEVV Co. is a trademark of
Steel Lighting Co.

To our loyal customers,

When we formed our business in 2016 out of our apartment in Santa Monica we would have never known what an exciting ride we were about to embark on. Life takes so many twists and turns and it is important to us that we always remain true to our roots. As our family has grown so has our need to move from one part of Los Angeles to another.

The (S) stands for Santa Monica which is where we lived when we first met. The (V) stands for Venice which is where we moved as soon as we got married. The (E) stands for Eagle Rock which is where we moved when our first child was born and the (VV) stands for Valley Village where we moved when our family grew after the birth of our baby boy.

Our business would have never grown without your support.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.